Island Inn at 123 West

Island Inn at 123 West

Ready. Set. Slow.

Ready. Our boutique hotel is the closest to the ferry and harbor, yet so far away from ordinary.

Set. The right pace at the right time; The Island Inn at 123 West is as green as it gets. Dress us up or dress us down. You’ll dig our contemporary style that nods to maritime gone by. Penthouses are fun for families, groups, and splurges; Euros are best if you roll with less and Sweets find that spot right INN between each.

Slow. Make a splash in a floatplane, slip in on the ferry or chart your own course. Get here and go with the slow. Kick things up and paddle a sea kayak, tool around the island on a bicycle, stroll through quaint seaside shops and restaurants or re-combobulate.

123 West, Friday Harbor, WA 98250