Some questions you may have about flying with us…


I made a mistake / forgot something on my reservation! Now what do I do?

Did you need to add a shuttle? No problem! Did you accidentally hit the wrong date or time? No problem! Give us a call as soon as you find out and we’ll (try to) fix it for you!

Checking in

Where do I check in?

Our terminal is located at the North West end of Renton Municipal Airport. The address is 860 West Perimeter Road, Renton WA 98057.

How do I check in?

When you come into our terminal, let one of our staff know that you’re here for your flight and tell them your name. They will look up your name on the manifest and weigh your luggage. Your luggage will then be placed on one of our luggage carts before loading it on the plane. Simple as that, so don’t worry about printing out the reservation and going through extensive procedures!


What are the luggage restrictions?

You can bring up to 30 lbs of luggage per person. We do prefer your luggage to be soft-sided bags, as those will be easier to stow for us and allow more weight for you.

Can I leave luggage behind if necessary?

Yes, definitely! If there is anything that you don’t need to bring on your trip, you can leave it at our terminal. We will put it away in a secluded area of our terminal and have it ready for you when you get back.


Can I park my car there?

Absolutely! We have two parking lots adjacent to our terminal, one small and one bigger. The bigger parking lot is ideal for overnight trips, as that parking lot is gated at night. All of this convenience, free of charge!

Small kids

Can I fly with my small children? Even a newborn?

Yes, you can. We fly little ones all the time. Children younger than two years old fly free of charge, as long as they sit on your lap. If needed, we can provide you a little headset for them to cancel out the loud noise of the airplane.

Are small children able to see from the windows?

Yes. The windows on our planes are fairly low, so even the little ones won’t miss out on the great views!


Can I bring my pet?

We generally allow pets on board our aircraft. Dogs weighing over 40 lbs will be charged a $40 one way fee. The pilot has the discretion to deny any pet from boarding if seen as a safety issue. Since our aircraft are small, pet crates are not allowed. If your dog is “lap dog”, soft sided pet carriers are welcome for small dogs and cats. Cats are allowed as well but may be denied boarding on scheduled flights if another passenger traveling is allergic to cats. We will transport the cat on the next available flight if necessary.

Ground transfers

Where do I meet my shuttle from Sea-Tac to Renton?

One hour before your flight leaves to San Juan Island, our van will be at Sea-Tac to pick you up. The van will be waiting outside of door 02 at one of the signs that say “airporters”. The van is a silver Ford Transit with our logo on the sides. This designated spot is where we both pick up and drop off.

Where do I meet my shuttle from Renton to Sea-Tac?

The van will be outside our terminal, on our parking lot. The departure time will be within 15 minutes of your arrival. If we’re running multiple airplanes that day we would need to wait for all passengers needing a shuttle to arrive, which is typically very close in timing.

When should I make my flight out of Sea-Tac? 

We recommend that you allow at least two hours from your arrival into Seattle/Renton. Our shuttle departs shortly after your arrival from Friday Harbor. The drive time to Sea-Tac from Renton is approximately 15 to 20 minutes. This will allow a 90 minute check in time for your flight. If you are travelling internationally, we recommend allowing for more time between your flight with us and your major airlines.

How do I get to downtown Seattle?

The best way to get to downtown Seattle from our terminal would be an Uber or Lyft. These drivers generally know where to find us, stop right in front of our door and will typically be here within 5 minutes.

The flight

Are these seaplanes safe?

Absolutely. Essentially, you are flying over or near the water for your entire flight, in a seaplane designed to land on the water. Nearly the entire flight route is over one big runway!

Where to stay in Friday Harbor?

With all the things to do in San Juan Islands we recommend checking out the San Juan Islands Visitor Bureau website for local Friday Harbor and surrounding island accommodations.  Some of our Friday Harbor favorites are Friday Harbor HouseHarrison House Suites, and the Island Inn at 123 West.


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