Scheduled Charter Seaplane Option to & from San Juan Island

We now offer charter flights that operate at scheduled times. The times mirror our regular flights schedule and you basically get one of our aircraft all to yourself at a sweet rate. SAVE up to $620 off of our regular charter pricing. Travel on your own and only with those you wish to fly with. Arrange your own small group, up to six passengers, travel on our schedule for only $930 to $1170 ONE WAY.

Note – Pricing mentioned above does not include any fuel surcharge that may be in place at the time of booking.

How does it work?

Generally, our seaplane charter flights to and from Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor are designed to be on your schedule. You pick the time that works for you. Of course, charter flights are generally a lot more expensive than a seat on our scheduled flights. In 2020, we created an option for you to have the entire plane to yourself at our scheduled times for those that really did not want to travel with others on a scheduled flight. The scheduled charter seaplane flights to San Juan Island were a success so we continued to bring them back by popular demand. Our scheduled charters are a more affordable charter option and is offered again in 2024.

We are encouraging those of you that would be most comfortable travelling with others that you wish to travel with and arrange your own group. Sharing the cost of our scheduled charter flights and taking advantage of your own private plane at a very affordable price.

With groups of four, enjoy additional baggage allowances of up to 50 lbs per person. If there are only two or three of you, the plane is yours so feel free to take advantage of the plane.

We offer two to three scheduled  flights daily throughout our scheduled flight season.

How do I book a scheduled charter flight?

Click the booking link below and SELECT 6 SEATS either one way or round trip. You will have all six seats to yourself and a private charter flight on our scheduled flight times. If there are less than six of you, enter in NONE on the passenger names. It is that simple. Please call if you have any questions or you can call to reserve too!


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